Our Mission

At Siembra Heritage, we sell luxury handbags and accessories while highlighting, elevating and providing a platform for local businesses within the indigenous communities of Argentina. As we continue to grow, we aim to be an evolving marketplace showcasing the exquisite designs of artisans across Argentina available for purchase on our e-commerce channel, shipping anywhere in the United States. 

Small Batch Approach

Each product sold by Siembra Heritage is made one-of-a-kind. We take this approach not only to deliver you unique designs, but as a distinct measure to highlight businesses built around artistry and craftsmanship, not attributing success to a fast-fashion or mass-production model. As each handbag and accessory is hand- sewn, cut, woven, or dyed, you will find each item differs slightly. Our small-batch buyer’s process contributes to the Siembra Heritage story, knowing a pair of hands are behind your purchase, and no two goods are alike.

Power Behind Your Purchase 

To take it a step further, we want to practice what we preach. Knowing a pair of hands are behind each Siembra Heritage good sold continues our story, but what we can do to support the indigenous communities where our creators dwell, continues theirs. Each month, we pledge to give 10% of our revenue back to the communities that create our goods. It is our e-commerce sales that make this possible, so everytime YOU purchase, OUR team and artisans do the happy dance! 


Our Communities

Our sustainable products are made by indigenous communities across Argentina. Our Carandillo Collection comes from the Qom Community in El Chaco province. The Qom community is one of the largest indigenous groups in Argentina who inhabit the region known as the Pampas of the Central Chaco. Our Chaguar Collection comes from the Wichi Community located in Formosa, Argentina in a province called El Potrillo. It is here we work closely with the Niwok Foundation, an organization helping the native communities to empower themselves. We align ourselves with the Niwok Foundation in supporting, promoting and strengthening the processes of the Wichí people as well as those in the Qom community and other neighboring boroughs we feel need a platform.


Get Involved 

Love our mission and want to join in? Get involved with the Siembra Heritage family and communities of artisans by donating directly to an Argentine indigenous group of your choice. By doing so, you provide these businesses with the additional resources to expand and grow.


Rosa Carandillo Bag with Nature Background Model Melli with Carandillo Bag