Let's Celebrate International Day of the World's Indigenous People

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We are so excited to honor our indigenous communities on August 9th for International Day of the World’s Indigenous People.


Indigenous Peoples' Day celebrates the past, present, and futures of Native people throughout the US and around the world. The holiday recognizes the legacy and impact of colonization in Native communities. Siembra celebrates the cultures, contributions, and resilience of contemporary Native peoples specifically in rural Argentine towns.

Since products at Siembra Heritage are works of art, made by the hands of indigenous people throughout the country of Argentina, we invite you to celebrate with us. Siembra is recognizing the holiday by shining a light on the indigenous communities Siembra works with in Argentina. 


How to celebrate with us?


Siembra Heritage would like you to wear your Siembra Heritage piece - post a photo on social media and let your social~sphere know it was handmade by the indigenous people of Argentina. Don't have one? Purchase handmade, artisanal goods online today! 


Now more than ever, we aim to do our part in supporting indigenous communities affected by Covid-19. The artisans depend on a thriving marketplace to support their families and sustain business. With each Siembra Heritage product sold, we hope to continue supporting small businesses, selling small-batch goods and encouraging customers to learn more about the production behind their purchases. 


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  • Please call me as I’m interested in your products. I live in Newport Beach and would love to meet you. I was born in Buenos Aires and I have extensive contacts with the Orange County Argentine American community. My cell is 949-981-6857.

    Rosalie Foigelman
  • I sent you several messages
    I would like to set up an appt
    With the owner? Manager?
    I am Argentinian and I live in new port beach

    949 971-6857

    Rosalie Foigelman
  • I would love to support the Argentinians and purchase the hand bags shown.
    However, all of the ones I’m interested in were sold out.

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