Inspiration for our Chaguar Collection

When Jacqui first saw the Chaguar plant being woven into designs on her journey through Argentina, she was so inspired by one community of artisans crafting Chaguar items, in particular, those from the Wichi community in Formosa, Argentina.

While traveling throughout Purmamarca, Argentina, I came across a very unique textile. I picked up a belt I thought was so organic & rustic in style, a woman approached me and asked if I knew what it was made from. I answered no, and she proceeded to tell me about its origin. She explained that the belt was made out of fiber from a plant, the Chaguar plant. The women from the Wichi community in Formosa, Argentina are the ones weaving them into beautiful pieces. At that moment I knew I needed to continue my search for these products, I wanted to introduce them and their makers to my world.

- Jacqui, founder of Siembra

Woman Knitting With Chaguar Fibers Argentinian Artisans

With a mission to empower women in the communities and give them a dignified life through work, education, healthcare, and workshops, Fundacíon Niwok is one group in particular that aims to enhance the Wichi community by providing the tools and organization for them to prosper. The Chaguar plant has thus become a sustainable, eco-friendly material with deep roots in the indigenous, Argentinian communities.

Scroll through our Chaguar Collection to shop unique, one of a kind accessories and totes with a positive message, sustainable fabrics, and incredible designs.

Chaguar Backpack Chaguar Wristlet Large


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