Authority Magazine Interview | Social Impact Heroes: Why & How Jacqui Stephen of Siemba Heritage Is Helping To Change Our World

Jacqui Stephen is a Southern California native and the Founder of Siembra Heritage, a socially conscious fashion brand that supports the Argentinian Artisans One-of-a-kind, handmade goods. Jacqui’s parents and extended family were born in Argentina, where she has been immersed in their culture since she was a child. From speaking Spanish in the home, to traveling to and from Argentina on family excursions, Stephen’s upbringing represented a celebration of life that connected her to her ancestral traditions. Today, Stephen divides her time between Southern California working with her marketing team and in Argentina where she works directly with her sourcing team to buy goods from native villages.

With each Siembra Heritage product, Stephen hopes to continue supporting small businesses, selling small-batch goods and encouraging customers to learn more about the production behind their purchases. Siembra Heritage weaves a history of Argentine craftsmanship with Southern California trends to tell a story behind each good sold.

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